I help busy managers build lean and resilient health and safety management systems based on the ISO45001 standard.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Know that you are in good hands. Use a consultant with a verifiable track record of successful system implementations.

Have Clarity of Direction

Know the plan. Use a consultant that knows the ISO45001 standard and has a plan that works every time.

Save Time & Money

Know the outcome. Get to your goal as soon as possible. Use a consultant who knows the pitfalls and can mitigate the risk of failure.

You want to build a Health & Safety Management System that is fit for purpose.

But you are not an expert...

  • What you have tried so far is time consuming and not working
  • Using Health and Safety consultants or developing your own people are expensive
  • You’re leaving the development of your OHS management system up to chance
  • System implementation training videos and courses are ineffective
  • Nobody has given you a plan you can trust and you do not know where to start and what to do
  • Finding answers to your specific situation leads to information overload

I get it – building a Health and Safety management system can be challenging and frustrating.

It is hard even after you receive training and so frustrating because when it comes to the health and safety of your employees, it is essential to get it right the first time.

Get immediate access to OHS expertise for you or your team and a committed partner with a plan.

How it Works

If you need a trusted health and safety management system specialist with a proven track record on your side, then follow these steps:

SCHEDULE A FREE 15 MINUTE CALL: Click the “Schedule A Free 15 Minute Call” button below and choose a date and time for a short, no obligations, call with me. We will discuss my implementation approach and find out if our strategy and objectives are aligned.

INITIAL GAP AUDIT: We determine the critical areas of focus of your OHS management system by conducting a gap audit. This process makes sure we focus on areas of concern and not repeating what already works. The end product is the audit report and an action plan.

IMPLEMENTATION: The implementation plan guides us through the process, starting with the OHS management system documentation and building unto this platform with day-to-day implementation challenges such as conducting meetings, launching a communication strategy, guiding management in terms of conducting management reviews, etc.